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trusted_agentIf you have been invited to be a Trusted Agent, congratulations!

We invite and accept the crème de la crème. 

Did you know that fewer than 1% of all licensed agents in the United States will be accepted as Trusted Agents? You have been invited based upon our research and belief that you put a high emphasis on client-care.

Jim and Chris Italiano

Chris and Jim Italiano

We are so glad to be Trusted Agents. Bravo, AgentRatings.Org!

You have questions, here are some answers:


What is a Trusted Agent?

A Trusted Agent is someone who is invited by our firm (AgentRatings.Org LLC) based upon our perception of client-care competency, accepts our invitation, and maintains a certain level of client satisfaction based upon client feedback.*

Can’t anyone join if they are competent?

No, it is by invitation only.

What is the Trusted Agent Network?

The Trusted Agent Network is currently comprised of 175 Trusted Agents from 18 different states, and we continue to grow as invited, qualified agents take their preliminary steps. We are growing slowly by design, and perform research before sending invitations. You can meet Trusted Agents for 3 locations by clicking on the following links:

Mary and Dick Greenberg, Fort Collins, CO 

Shawna Terry, Napa, CA

Roberta Tawell, Seattle, WA 

 How might I benefit if I accept your invitation?  

There are 4 intended benefits: 1) it allows you to be “ratings forward” 2) you receive the Trusted Agent Designation 3) you become a member of the exclusive Trusted Agent Network  4) you will have an easy way to get client feedback.

Let’s take one benefit at a time. What is “ratings forward” and why should I want that? 

Much of what used to work in marketing is no longer effective. Today, many consumers first find out what other consumers think before they’ll listen to the message of a company (as evidenced by the popularity of Amazon, TripAdvisor, Healthgrades, Angie’s List, Yelp, and many others). According to a Brightlocal study, 65% of consumers say they’re more likely to use a business with positive online reviews, and 79% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ratings and reviews have become increasingly important for real estate professionals.

Trusted Agent is a solid ratings and reviews solution for invited agents. Your Trusted Agent Report can be shared through links on your website, in your email signatures, and on social media, and doing so is what we call being “ratings forward.” Very importantly, when you share your report you will not be leading your client to a database with other agents; it is designed so that most people you share it with are unlikely to ever visit our public site. For example, notice how clicking on View My Agent Ratings Report from Scott and Diane Brown’s website leads right to their Trusted Agent Report.

Marcia HadelerMarcia Hadeler

AgentRatings.org brought me my first listing of this year, and the seller said that he called me and chose me because of my Trusted Agent Report. I provide links to it from my website.  I love it. 



What about the second benefit, the Trusted Agent Designation?

Based upon a survey by the National Association of Realtors, most buyers and sellers rated honesty and trustworthiness as the most important factors when selecting an agent. Using the Trusted Agent Designation and Logo (with or without links to your Trusted Agent Report) can be meaningful to certain prospects and clients.

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What about the third benefit, the Trusted Agent Network?

Our two websites have consistently been ranked in the top 3 when performing a Google search for “agent ratings” and are regularly found near the top when using other topic-related Google searches too. Trusted Agents can be found by locations they serve at our public site www.agentratings.org. As our network fills out geographically, we will promote Trusted Agents to REO and relocation personnel, and independent brokerage firms. We are striving to have the most elite network of real estate professionals in the United States, and as such, become the “go-to” resource for many consumers and professionals. Additionally, we encourage referrals between Trusted Agents.

What about the fourth benefit, getting client feedback?

It is well established that many of the best service providers invest time and money in order to get client feedback, which in turn can help guide their business decisions. Our easy to use platform makes it fast and highly convenient for you and your clients, and the feedback then becomes the basis for your third-party, unbiased Trusted Agent Report, which can help you win business.

How do you get feedback from clients?

You control it by ordering the survey after the closing of transactions using the easy online dashboard that we provide. A survey order takes less than a minute, and you can group them together monthly if you prefer. Here is a sample copy of the survey that is sent by email. If the client does not respond to the survey, we send one courtesy reminder about 10 days later.

Scott Brown

Scott and Diane Brown

Trusted Agent is by far the best alternative for a ratings and reviews solution that we have seen.



How many clients have you sent surveys to, and have you had any client or agent complaints?

We have now sent over 5,000 unique survey links to buyers and sellers of closed transactions. We’ve had minor glitches but have effectively addressed them.

What if I don’t like a client’s feedback?

Occasionally even the best agents receive less than stellar feedback. We feel certain that in some cases, it is undeserved. But most of us, as consumers, don’t make a decision based upon a single response, but rather on the overall response record. In fact, some reports might be perceived as more credible if imperfect. That said, one of the options (and benefits of Trusted Agent) is that you can disconnect your Trusted Agent Report from the public’s view, and if you wish to continue surveying other clients, later reconnect.

What if I don’t want to send surveys to all of my clients of transactions that will close in the future?

Then please do not accept our invitation, because it is a key condition. If you elect to participate and later decide you do not want to send a particular survey out, you can cancel at that time.

Is there a cost? 

Here is how it works financially: 

1. We won’t accept money or require a credit card when you start. You will need to take 2 required steps within the first 30 days, including 1) obtain at least 3 survey responses from clients who have closed transactions with you in the last 12 months, and 2) spend about 5 minutes to set up your agent profile so that the public can find you. They are easy steps, but if you don’t take them, we automatically cancel services to you.

2. If you take the initial steps, in about 2 months we will send out an invoice for $238 for one year’s worth of services that you will pay only if you see value in continuing. Click here to see how you can have someone else pay your entire membership fee. 

3. We do not charge a referral fee for business that you receive from other Trusted Agents, relocation and REO professionals, buyers, or sellers.

Is there a term contract?

No, you may cancel at any time. If at the time you cancel you have paid money, you will receive a refund for any unused portion of time. One important way that we are different is that you own the response data that we harvest for you, and you may use it in any way that you wish after cancellation.

How many Trusted Agents will there be?

We limit the number of Trusted Agents to just 1 for every 33,300 in population in your state. We make a reasonable effort to spread Trusted Agent coverage out based upon that ratio. Because you and other Trusted Agents can specify the cities you serve in order to be searched for geographically, you might find that this ratio could be higher or lower in your immediate market, but the overall state ratio will not be exceeded. (Note: we do permit a relatively high ratio of Trusted Agents in Napa, Long Beach, and Whittier, California in order to honor our prior commitments).

Virginia MorseVirginia Morse

AgentRatings.org/Trusted Agent adds an additional layer of credibility to my online presence. I love it!



Can I still participate in other ratings and reviews services?

Yes. It’s a subject we know a fair amount about, so we’ll be sharing some suggestions as we go along, and invite you to ask us about that if you have specific questions.

Is it time consuming?

No. You’ll spend a few minutes getting it set up, then about 1 minute per closed transaction going forward.

How Do I Get Started?

Please RSVP by the date requested. If you accept our invitation we will email you some easy instructions about getting started; please be on the lookout for an email from Agent Ratings and/or support@agentratings.org.

*For clarification, some “early” Trusted Agents were accepted based upon exceptional client feedback from our survey work dating back over 3 years, not vetted and invited in the same way that we do now.